December 14, 2014 [iOS World-wide launch]

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December 14, 2014 [iOS World-wide launch]

Postby Shaoquin » 2014-12-14- 10:38

iOS World-Wide Launch
Yay, congratulations! We've finally opened M&I to the entire world on iOS devices. Please spread the word and let's make this a time for celebration! Here's the link:

  • New UI: We've streamlined the UI and made it more user friendly. Hopefully the user experience will be more to your liking. Let us know what we're missing or how we can improve it.
  • Promo Codes added: Now get free stuff just by entering in a code! Some codes last indefinitely while others expire in time. For now, start with these two:
      (expires Jan 01, 2015)
  • 3D Buildings: 3D models now show in the Upgrade window.
  • Immortal Search: Search for your friends (or enemies) using the Immortal Search feature. Just go to Chat and enter their name at the top.
  • Revised Tutorial: The tutorial has been revised and bouncing arrows have been added for extra clarity.
  • Shrine costs reduced: Shrines reduced in initial cost to be more accessible in the early game.
  • "Other" tab removed: In the shop, we've removed "Other" and split those items between "Currency" and "Specials".
  • Show Button Text config: Tired of seeing all the text on those buttons? Simply choose this config to turn them off.
Bug Fixes
  • Warehouses now check space requirements. Overflow items found in dungeons are automatically converted to their gold value.
  • Houses now check space requirements. Sorry, too many minions spoil the broth.
  • Excalibur now has lore. Who knew?
  • Party toggle during battles now saved as a config.
  • Chat toggle during battles now saved as a config.
  • Elites no longer spawn in the Tutorial.
  • The correct # of Guild Applications now appear.
  • Shrines that are being built no longer cause the window to lock when trying to view them.

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