Minions & Immortals - Where We Are (January 2015)

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Minions & Immortals - Where We Are (January 2015)

Postby Trinity » 2015-01-04- 3:11

Greetings! Hope you all had a nice holiday season and Happy New Years! This will be the first of many posts which detail the state of Minions & Immortals. It will touch on what has been happening and where we're headed, both within the game and as a company. Let's get started!

Where We Are
We continue to get installs everyday. Our community grows and we have even seen our first level 100 minion (Gratz Mahabone!) We will be including Mahabone in future lore as a reward for this epic feat. As players continue to accomplish great things we will immortalize them as well.

Our small team is continuing to work hard to make sure the game becomes an enjoyable experience for all. Our #1 task is fixing the numerous bugs found by you. Our next update includes fixes for Guild town not showing, stability issues on quests, World chat being cross-faction, and a laundry list of other bug-smashing that would make any exterminator proud!

In addition to bug fixes we will be releasing a new feature called Achievements. Much like achievements in other games these will be a log of all the great deeds you've done while playing MnI. Each achievement has a Trophy and you can display them through the Trophy Hut (new building). The Trophy Hut will also allow you to purchase Achievement Boxes, special rewards that we know you'll love.

The next patch should be soon, but we're also at the mercy of Apple's review process. Thanks for your patience!

Where We're Headed
As with any company we have a roadmap of where we want MnI to go. Of course, this roadmap changes based on player feedback and other external forces. In addition to continuing our bug-squashing diligence here are some of the features on the horizon:

  • Leaderboards: Looking to show off your excellence? Leaderboards are for you.
  • Android: We're hoping to allow our Android friends to experience MnI along with our iOS players.
  • Raids: Due to unexpected results (cough Mahabone) we will be pushing up the priority on Raids. These are 6-player instances that are extremely challenging, require great teamwork, but offer incredible rewards.
  • Foundry: Tired of selling extra gear? Now you can meld excess items to make them more powerful!
  • The Changing Forest: Look for a new zone featuring the Elves. What mysteries lie within?
  • Auction House: Crafted that perfect Long Sword? Looking for extra craft parts? Melding materials needed? Look to the Auction House for your answers.
  • Others: way too many other features to list but suffice it to say there's no shortage of things we want to add.

Thanks so much for reading this post. Let us know how we can make your MnI experience better. We're here for you and always have an open ear.
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