The Factions of Aetheria

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The Factions of Aetheria

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Name: The Dominion
Leader: Vala the Level-Handed (Deceased)
Colors: Gold, Red, White accents
Symbol: Gold kite shield set against a red flag background. Ornate warhammer, standing upright, in the middle of the shield.
Aligned Races: Human, Halfling, Elf, Venerae, Angel
Also Known As: The Valaniir

The Dominion Stand for: “Order above all” is a common saying amongst the Immortals of the Dominion. The Dominion believe that order is the thing which separates lesser beings, and lesser societies, from the greater. It is the basis for all society and there is nothing higher than the rule of law. In the eyes of the Dominion, their society is the most enlightened and therefore takes precedence over the beliefs and traditions of all others. The Dominion make no qualms about using their martial might in order to put down rebellions or force their views on other races or societies.

The Dominion are not a “Good” society as much as they are an orderly and, generally, fair society. Their laws still favor the strong over the weak, the smart over the dumb, and the Immortals of the Dominion over all others. Anyone not an Immortal amongst the Dominion is a minion and therefore serves the Immortals. As long as an individual can fit within this mold they will do well within the ranks of the Dominion.

Name: The Discord
Leader: Char, the Inciter (Deceased)
Colors: Purple, Black, Grey/Silver accents
Symbol: Circular shield set against a purple flag background. A swirl symbol starts at the center of the shield and has radiating arrows going in multiple directions at differing lengths.
Races Aligned: Orc, Goblin, Skath, Ogre, Demon
Also Known As: The Charaan

The Discord Stand for: Change, evolution, and strife are at the heart of the Discord’s belief system. More than anything else, the Immortals of the Discord see themselves as the catalysts for change. Usually this is violent change, as they believe that only through strife and adversity do we expose our greatest strengths and attributes. The strong rise to the top, the weak are culled out, and the greater whole is made all the stronger because of it.

The Discord is not technically an “Evil” society. They do not have a strong sense of empathy, but their actions, for the most part, are not done with malice. They just believe complacency is death and the only way to break away from that is through change and evolution. Violent change, more often than not. What they lack in empathy, they more than make up for in passion. Where the Dominion tend to be stuffy and righteous, the Discord have all the cookies.

Name: The Impartial
Leader: The Arbiter
Colors: Blue, Green, Brown/Tan accents
Symbol: A set of scales, with the symbol of each faction on each side.
Aligned Races: Skeleton, Wight, Ghost, Vampire, Lich
Also Known As: The Tranquil

The Impartial Stand for: The Impartial were the glue that held the Immortal society together. After their souls were pulled from them, the Dominion and the Discord reverted to their natural states of constant contention. Before their sundering, the Impartial -- then known as the Tranquil -- acted as impartial arbiters, collectors of knowledge, and the keepers of the history of the Immortal race…

After the Sundering, the Impartial became nothing more than soulless shells. They are undead troops for hire with no trace of their former allegiances. Whichever faction pays them, they will serve unswervingly…
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