Upgrade timer

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Upgrade timer

Postby mahabone » 2015-01-21- 19:32

I pulled out my bug spray and went looking for more bugs.

This one is associated with upgrade timers.

I recently upgraded my castle to level 5 and bought the upgrade Build I, (reduce build and upgrade times by 2%).

After this upgrade was complete many of my building upgrade timers were affected. My Build II is complete and my timers were affected again.

Here is a list of my buildings and level and upgrade costs.

Smith (3) Upgrade 4: 47k gold, 940 stone, **48s** upgrade timer. U5: 9,400 gold, 2,350 st, **36s** upgrade.
Forge (3) U4: 9.4k g, 940 st, 46h 4m 48s. U5: 23.5k g, 2,350 st 115h 12m.
Altar (1) U2: 47k, 940, 46h 4m 48s. U3: 94k, 2,350, 69h 7m 12s. U4: 235k, 4,700, **48s**. U5: 470k, 9,400, **36s**.
Tanner (3) Same as Forge
Ivoryworks (2) U3: 4.7k, 470, 23h 2m 24s. U4: 47k, 940, **48s**. U5: 9,400, 2350, **36s**.
Leatherworks (3) Same as Smith
Weaver (3) Same as Forge
Cusp Den (3) Same as Forge
Tailor (2) Same as Ivoryworks

This is a visual bug, as I tested to see what would happen if I upgraded my smith, and I spent 47k gold and the timer was correct at 100+ hours and not the 24 seconds it originally said at the time.

This is also def. caused by the Build research, as this is brand new.

Most likely the timer amount is so long or so great an amount that the hours and minutes are being cut off.

Hope I was thorough enough.
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Re: Upgrade timer

Postby Trinity » 2015-01-22- 20:04

Thanks for getting out the bug spray! We shall add this to the list of things to look at. :)
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