Faction dominance

Faction dominance

Postby mahabone » 2014-12-16- 22:42

Hello fine folks at FlatToe,

I'm not sure how the metrics for your game is currently. But as a player I would think that "The Discord" would be a more favorable faction over "The Dominion". Many players gravitate towards the naughty side anyway.

My suggestion would be to have a balancing effect in place, whereas if players start to congregate unto one side over another, at a certain point the opposing side would get a bonus to their minions.

For example if "The Discord" players outnumbered "The Dominion" 2:1, a new player joining the game would have the option of creating a "The Discord" Immortal, or a "The Dominion" Immortal with a +10% stat bonus to minions, while the balance of power is out of whack.

Just my two coppers worth.

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Re: Faction dominance

Postby Shaoquin » 2014-12-17- 2:01

Hello fine folk named Mahabone!

Great suggestion. Our current data has Discord installs @ 55% but over time I'm guessing that will become less and less. On WoW I once saw a stat that 60+% of the players went Alliance because people wanted to play the "pretty" races. Go figure!

Lucky for us all our Minion races are pretty.

We'll monitor it and see how it goes. ;)

Thanks so much!
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