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A Hitchhiker's guide to the Warrior

Postby mahabone » 2015-01-24- 1:01

So you like big weapons and you like big armor, the Warrior may be the perfect class for you.

Warriors have the strongest weapons in game, both the scimitar and the long sword. The scimitar is faster and will have a better dps, the long sword is slower but does more damage. Your skills are based off of base damage, so Long Sword will be the best weapon overall.

Warriors also wear turtle shell plate armor, this armor will save your butt in the beginning and keep you from taking too much damage.

This is THE most important stat, increasing your strength will cause you to do more damage.

This stat is your natural dodge,the more points in dex, the less melee damage you will take. If you plan on being tanky then points in Dex is helpful, otherwise more strength.

Also unless you plan on being tanky or need to read War and Peace, skip it.

Where dex reduces melee damage, Wisdom reduces magic damage against you. Melee crits also deal more damage the higher your wisdom, as such wisdom is a good skill for warriors.

Like all classes skills can be separated into three distinct choices. You have your base warrior skills, and your paths include damage dealing and tanking.

Base Skills
Every warrior can choose these.

This effective melee attack hits the target dealing 100% weapon damage at max level AND stuns the target for 3 seconds. It has a relatively short range, but makes up for it with a decent cooldown, pretty decent damage and that huge stun. Not only this, but it also is an elemental skill, which takes your racial skill and applies it to this attack each time you use it.

A fairly successful broadway show... no wrong stomp. Stomp is very similar to Bash, except it affects all enemies in your melee range. It deals half the damage of Stomp, but has double the Stun length. It also is an elemental skill.

Damaging Skills
If you choose the first skill you will be unable to take either of the first two skills in the Tank list. The third skill can be from either tree.

Also a melee ranged attack that can do up to 135% weapon damage to a single target. No stun and a slower cool down compared to Bash, but it too has the elemental skill attached to it.

Shout, shout, let it all out. This party friendly ability increases the melee damage of the entire party by up to 45% but only for 15 seconds. When the power wears off, the cooldown will still have 10 seconds left, so you will want to time all your fights so that you can have it renewed every fight.

Lather your pecs in oil and let out a massive scream. This skill increases your personal melee damage by 250% for 15 seconds, but comes at a very steep price... all melee damage against you is increased by 250%. Cooldown timer is very slow, so save these for tough fights.

Tank Skills
These skills focus on reducing the damage you or your party take.

If your squishy mage friend is being walloped by Ra'ash, flip him the middle finger and he'll switch targets and start to wallop you.

This ability reduces the melee damage of the entire group you are fighting for a short period.

You may choose to take riposte instead of Berzerk. For a brief moment in time, you take zero melee damage. Great when Kur decides to unleash holy havoc on you.

In conclusion, the Warrior takes a lickin and keeps on tickin. Combined with either the light or dark ability to self heal, you'll find that not many enemies will provide you a challenge. The warrior was my fastest class I leveled.
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Re: A Hitchhiker's guide to the Warrior

Postby Trinity » 2015-01-25- 5:57

Very nice guide! :D
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